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Secure relay capability has been added to the Phantom Remailer. This feature allows a masquerading user to send messages through the remailer without needing to use a login and password. This is achieved through the use of a secret token that is known to the users of the remailer (if you choose to share it). This feature is described in the associated Github issue:

In the future I will probably add per-alias tokens so there isn’t a shared token for everyone, but for now there is a single token defined in the configuration file.

This relay feature allows you to address new emails through the remailer by sending a message to an address such as:

The above example assumes the secret token is automobile and uses a simple encoding scheme to embed the recipient address within the To address. You could write the above address like this also:

The =40 and =2E are quoted printable encoding of the @ and . characters.

Full details about the relay capability are documented in the README:

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